Web3 Startups

We build all things crypto on earth and the metaverse.

Our Offerings

Turnkey blockchain product development across multiple chains


End to end
Tech Ownership

Are you an existing product facing tech difficulties? We’ll take complete accountability of your product and technology roadmap, shipping routinely while building in public. [Cash]


NFT Collections / Marketplaces

We love NFTs and if you have a winning idea, we’d love to collaborate in coding and launching your collection, niche marketplace or metaverse.


Turnkey dApp

Got an idea?
We’ll design, develop and deploy your dApp on testnet. Let’s realise your vision! We are selective here. [Cash + Token]


Dex / DeFi / GameFi / Play2Earn

Capturing everything else in this catch all. We have built AMMs, protocols, an Exchange and are working extensively on Play2Earn metaverses.

Metaverse Development

Launch your own interoperable
Metaverse on

We specialise in creating web3 Metaverses with built-in
Social Tokens and GameFi elements.

How it works

Typical turnkey dApp development journey


1 week: We have a standard contract with best practices from the industry. It’s shared for review and digital signature on Docusign.

Smart Contract Development

1-4 weeks: Using the design as reference, we use industry best practices for writing smart contracts with a focus on simplicity, completeness and security.

Testnet Deployment

2 weeks: The release candidate is deployed on a Testnet and you initate your 2 week UAT process. Any bugs discovered are fixed in real time.


2-6 weeks: Unless its a fork of a small dApp, design takes at least 4 weeks. We craft a logo, a beautiful landing page and inner screens of your dApp.

Server / Web Development

2-6 weeks: Most dApps don’t need a server component but some do. We also code the web/ mobile frontend integrating wallets and smart contracts.

Mainnet Deployement

You would often want to reach specific marketing/ fundraising milestones before mainnet launch. We wait for your signal before deploying the dApp on the mainnet.

Our Accolades

Our open source and community contribution have been backed by...

Top Blockchain Development companies – Clutch

Top Blockchain Development companies – Good Firms

Backed by Web3 Foundation

Backed by Polkadot Treasury


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